Ⅳ. Social Contributions

ADR conducts the following initiatives to increase tenants’ satisfaction which will stabilize and improve profitability of its properties.

A. Increasing tenants’ satisfaction

1.Tenant Satisfaction Surveys

ADR triennially conducts satisfaction surveys for tenants residing at RESIDIA branded properties.

  Date of
the survey
No. of

Total No. of
People Surveyed


Total No. of
1 Between April
to July 2014
3,106 14,155 21.9% 19,078 74.2%
2 Between Sept.
to Nov. 2017
3,945 16,445 24.0% 20,842 79.0%
3 Between Apr.
to Jun. 2020
7,705 18,000 42.8% 21,332 74.2%

Tenants showed high satisfaction towards the location (for commuting ease, good local environment) and the quality of management of common spaces.

2. Tenant Services*

ADR offers a variety of services toward tenants residing in ADR’s properties to enhance tenant’s satisfaction to improve tenant retention rate. Examples of the services include “RESIDIA Customer Support” which is a support desk exclusively for tenants and “Moving Style,” offers discounts for tenants who are moving from one RESIDIA apartment to another.

* Please visit the RESIDIA website[Japanese only] for details.

3.Emergency Maps and Emergency Kits

On common area walls of properties, ADR puts up emergency maps (as of end of January 2021, in 100% of its 271 properties). indicating evacuation routes to evacuation sites which help to ensure safety during the occurrence of a disaster as well as to raise disaster prevention awareness (as of end of January 2019, in 100% of its 264 properties and as of end of January 2020, in 100% of its 269 properties were equipped with the maps.)
 Also, in many of its “RESIDIA” branded residence, ADR distribute emergency kits free of charge to any tenant who wishes for such kits.

Emergency Maps

Emergency Kits

4.Renovation to shared space, etc.

As the lifestyle changed due to the corona disaster, at Residia Kamata, the unused meeting room was renovated into a shared space and effectively utilized. In addition, at Residia Nakano Fujimidai, the shared room has been renovated into a working space.

B.Measures to Prevent Infection with COVID-19

Alcohol disinfectant is installed in all properties.
In addition, ADIM strives to ensure the health and safety of its employees by working from home and recommending staggered commuting.

C.Contributing to Local Communities

In many ADR’s properties, AEDs are available for public use and vending machines that make charitable donation to a pediatric cancer treatment facility using part of the proceeds from the sales of its merchandise are installed.

D. Sponsoring College Student Investment Presentation Contest

 Sponsored and participated in “The Third University Student Investment Presentation Contest” organized by the Student Investment Union (USIC) held in February 2019. In this contest, 13 investment clubs of universities belonging to USIC were each assigned to one of the 12 listed companies participating. The clubs were to evaluate the assigned company with an investor’s perspective through interviews with the target company’s personnels and by researching the company’s disclosure materials, and make a presentation on what they have discovered.

Coincidently, Kokugakuin University team who was assigned ADR, won the contest.

By sponsoring such events, we believe that we were able to contribute in promoting investment literacy among students.

E. Human Resource / Talent Development

Stable growth of ADR is dependent on the talents of ADIM’s personnel. The human resource and talent development strategy at ADIM is aimed at realizing their potential to the fullest.
 Specifically, ADIM defines all the required technical and social skills for each level of work on which each employee will be evaluated and use the evaluations to hire, train and promote employees.
To help employees realize their potential and develop their career, they are able to declare their career path wishes. The declaration will be used to consider optimal assignment of positions.
Additionally, ADIM is the only J-REIT asset management company to consistently hire new graduates every year.

*In accordance to the “Act on Investment Trusts and Investment Corporations” ADR outsources its asset management, custody, administration and prohibited to hire employees, other than executive directors and supervisory directors.

1.Human Resource / Talent Development Statistics

Coverage – Full-time employees and contract employees
  FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Total No. of Employee *1 63 67 61 60 60
Male 50 53 50 50 48
Female 13 14 11 10 12
Female Ratio to Total 20.6% 20.9% 18.0% 16.7% 20.0%
Average Years of Service 6 yrs 10 mths 7 yrs 5 mths 8 yrs 1 mth 7 yrs 9 mths 7 yrs 11 mths
Male 6 yrs 10 mths 7 yrs 7 mths 8 yrs 3 mths 7 yrs 10 mths 7 yrs 12 mths
Female 6 yrs 8 mths 6 yrs 11 mths 7 yrs 6 mths 7 yrs 6 mths 7 yrs 2 mths
Total No. of New Hires 4 5 2 6 6
Male 3 3 2 5 4
Female 1 2 0 1 2
Turnover Rate *2 4.8% 9.0% 4.9% 8.3% 6.7%

*1 Number of employees at the start of the fiscal year.

*2 Turnover rate is calculated by dividing the number of employees leaving the company by the initial number of employees at the start of the fiscal year.

*2 Additionally, there were no employment terminated due to corporate merger, acquisition or restructuring or other reasons.

Workstyle Reforms Diversity

FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Ave. Over-time Hours 18:47 16:29 17:31 20:35 23:46
Paid Vacation Acquisition Rate 78.0% 77.2% 79.9% 68.4% 68.2%
Female Executive Ratio 12.5% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 0.0%
Female Manager Ratio 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% 3.7% 6.3%
Childcare Leave System User 2 1 1 1 1
Childcare Short Work-hr. User 3 2 1 1 1
Male Nursing Leave User Ratio 29.4% 62.5% 69.2% 72.7% 58.3%
Female Nursing Leave User Ratio 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100.0%
Employee health and safety FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Annual Medical Exam Rate 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Occupational accident frequency rate *3 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

*3 Occupational accident frequency rate = number of casualties caused by disasters ÷ total working x 1 million hours.
For details, please refer to here.

2. Human Resource / Talent Development

At ADIM, the company offers its employees various career development, help for attaining degrees and certifications, and other trainings.

※Only full-time employees are eligible for help in career development, regular performance appraisals and feedback. On the other hand, both full-time employees and contract employees are eligible for support programs on attaining degrees and certifications.

3. Career Development

At ADIM, the company offers to its employees various programs to develop their talent and career.
For an example, the company provides courses or subsidies to attend classes offered at Keio Marunouchi City Campus, Globis University Graduate School of Management or English language classes to develop business and language skills.
Also, employees in a non-managerial position are asked annually to declare their desired career path and discuss with their superior.
New graduates will be rotated through departments for the first five years or so and will be able to accumulate various work experiences. Moreover, new graduates will have, in addition to a senior colleague instructor, a colleague that will act as a mentor who the new graduates may consult on various subjects.

4.Regular Performance Appraisals and Feedback Processes

Full-time employees are under subject of annual performance review.
Each individual employee will discuss with his/her reporting superior and agree on a performance goal at the beginning of the fiscal year. Progress will be reviewed and advises will be given at the mid-term review. At the end of the fiscal year, performances will be evaluated and evaluation fed back.
Salaries and bonuses will be decided based on the evaluation. In addition to individual performance, bonuses will partly be linked to the fiscal performance of ADR.
These Individual performance review sessions are not only used to feed back evaluations and discuss future career development plans but used to devise human resource allocation strategies.

5.Support for Attaining Degrees and Certifications

ADIM provides courses offered at Keio Marunouchi City Campus, Globis Excecutive School or language schools to help employees develop business and language skills.

Also ADIM recommends employees to acquire certifications to improve business execution ability and acquire expertise.
ADIM provides subsides for expenses to assist to obtain the certifications.

No. of Employees with Certifications

Certification No. of Persons
Real Estate Broker License 44
ARES Certified Master 28
Certified Building Administrator 3
First-Class Architect 5
Lawer 1
Securities Analysts 4
Certified Public Accountant 2
U.S. CPA 1
Labor and Social Security Attorney 1
Certified Internal Auditor 1
CASBEE Architecture Evaluation Member 1

6.Subsidizing Acquisition of Certification

ADIM recommends employees to acquire certifications to improve business execution abilities and gain expertise and give assistance to the effort by subsidizing the expense of obtaining the certifications.

Examples of subsidized certifications;

Real Estate Broker License, ARES Certified Master, Securities Analyst, Authorized Real Estate Consulting Master, Certified Building Administrator, etc.

7.Job-Specific Development Training Programs

ADIM has in place a wide range of training programs and self-development support systems according to the employee’s position.


Category Overview




Non-regular employees



Training for Newly Appointed Officer

Responsibility and Role Recognition Required for Executives

Training for Newly Appointed Managers

Program to train Newly Appointed Managers



General Staff

Next Manager Training

Management training



Next Generation Business Leader Training

Leadership trainin

4th Year Training

Training for employees who work for the fourth year since joining the company



Instructor Training

Instructor training for employees designated as instructor of new grad employees



New Employee Training

Basic training for new employee (ITOCHU Group)



Accounting Training

Training for basic understanding of accounting for new employees


OA Training

New employee training, some young employee



Mentor Employee System

Support system by senior employees (company bears expenses)

Carrier Path Declaration System

System that can declare desired career


Overall Training / Self- Development

Compliance Training and Testing

Training on overall compliance ( including human right )

All executives and employees must attend the training.

Apart from the training, compliance tests are conducted once a month, in principle.
Total 437

Harassment Prevention Training

Training aimed at preventing harassment in the workplace

38 31 10


Sustainability Training and Testing

Training aimed at raising the awareness of executives and employees

33 29 10


Business Productivity Improvement Training

Excel macro · VBA training

Internal Study Group

In-house seminars held by each department (inviting lectures that are experts in the field, ie. tax law, interest rate market, etc.)

Held constantly

Aiding Self-Development by Commuting to Business School

Aiding the cost of attending adult education provided by Keio University

4 12

Cafeteria Style Training

Business professional e-learning course provided by ITOCHU.

(freely select from over 200 courses such as management, business skills, language, qualification, communication, PC skills, etc.)

4 12

Training for examinations of Real Estate Broker License

Internal training for applicants

Qualification Acquisition Support

ADIM subsidizes expenses related to acquisition of specified qualifications.

9 5

Language Learning Support

ADIM subsidizes expenses for language classes for the purpose of improving the language skills necessary for business.

4 5

Company-wide Online Health Program

Stretching and yoga online. Aiding to solve the lack of exercise and improve the health

25 25 8 1

F. Employee Welfare Programs

Of the following programs, all employees are eligible to take part in grievance reporting and escalation procedures, company trips, and other employee benefits.
In addition, full-time employees and contract employees are eligible for paid holidays, other leaves and shortened work hour schemes.
Rest of the than that programs are for, regular full-time  employees are eligible.

1. Employee Investment Unit Ownership Program

ADIM has started an employee investment unit ownership program. It was the first J-REIT asset management company to align ADIM employees’ interest to ADR’s unit-holders’ interest using the ownership program and also be financially beneficial for ADIM employees.

For details, please refer here.

2.Human rights and labor standards

ADIM formulated the "Human Rights Policy" in February 2021 in order to fulfill its responsibility to respect the human rights of all people involved in its business activities. ADIM will support international norms regarding human rights, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and promote efforts to promote respect for human rights.


Human Rights Policy

(1) Support for international norms and guidelines

 ADIM support international norms on human rights, such as “the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, the International Labor Organization (ILO) “Declaration on Basic Principles and Rights in Labor”, and “the United Nations Global Compact”. In addition, ADIM will respect human rights based on the United Nations “Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights”.  In addition, the parent company ITOCHU Corporation's "Itochu Group Human Rights Policy ” applies to all officers and employees of the Company.

(2) Non-participation in human rights violations

 ADIM will endeavor not to violate human rights by ourselves and not to be involved in human rights violations by others.

(3) Freedom of association and respect for collective bargaining rights

 ADIM will respect the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and will not discriminate illegally or improperly in employment and occupation.

(4) Elimination of forced labor

 ADIM strives to eliminate and prevent all forms of forced labor in our company and our supply chain.

In FY2020, there were no cases of violations of the Labor Standards Act and cases of violations of Labor Standards in ADIM.

(5) Effective abolition of child labor

 ADIM support and practice the effective abolition of child labor in our company and our supply chain. We do not hire children who are not older than the legal minimum working age.

(6) Elimination of discrimination in employment and occupation

 Race, color, gender, religion, political views, nationality (country of origin), social origin, age, disability, HIV / AIDS infection, trade union membership and sexual orientation, etc. We will not treat you differently or disadvantageously because of characteristics that are not related to your abilities or the specific requirements required for your job.

3.Welfare Programs

Membership to Cafeteria-style Benefit Package

The cafeteria-style benefit package offer employees preferential rates on various activities, for example hotel rates, local fitness facility fee, movie tickets, supporting employees’ leisure time activities and promoting physical and mental health.

Congratulatory and Condolence Payments

We congratulate our employees on their joyful events and offer condolences on their sad occasions.

Extended Employment

Although retirement age is set at sixty years old, eligible employees may be re-employed on yearly renewable contract bases.

Company Trips

To promote collegiality among our employees, we organize annual company trips to resorts for one to two night stay.

Other Employee Benefits
・Recreational Clubs

The company provides financial support to recreational clubs which employees have formed. The clubs are actively participated by employees.

・Company Gatherings

We organize fiscal year end party to celebrate on everybody’s hard work.

There is also a monthly in-house gathering held during work hours where snacks, meals and drinks including alcoholic beverages are served. It is intended to promote closer ties between employees in different section of the company.

4.Work-life Balance Initiatives

ADIM has been introducing the following measures to improve employee’s work-life balance.

To enable employees to flexibly accommodate with their responsibilities to their family depending on their life stage or the way they want to relate to their community, ADIM has introduced paid-leaves and other employment schemes.

There are childcare leave and shortened work hours for employees with small children, nursing leave for employees with dependents in need of nursing, volunteering leaves for employees who wants to individually contribute to their community and hourly based paid vacation to promote the usage of paid vacation.

Additionally, in 2013, to promote productive work routines we have designated every Wednesday as “no-overtime day” and make every employee leave work on time. As a result, the average over-time hours per month have drastically decreased.

Based on these measures, ADIM has applied to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to be approved as “TOKYO Working Style Reform Declaration Company” in March 2018 and has become the first J-REIT asset management company to be approved.

5. Periodical Monitoring of Employee Satisfaction

ADIM periodically conduct employee satisfaction survey to improve the workplace environment so that each employ can feel pride and pleasure working for the company.

G. Human Resource / Talent Development at the Sponsor Company

Itochu Corporation, the sponsor of ADIM, acknowledges that human resources are its greatest company asset to the growth of the company and addresses aggressively on talent development. Please refer to details here.

Itochu Corporation also carries out initiatives to ensure the health and safety of employees at workplaces, which are open for participation to the group companies such as ADIM. Please refer to details here.