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Kessan Tanshin
Fiscal Period
Presentation Video
Fiscal Reports Property
23th Fiscal Period

Kessan Tanshin Summary

Presentation Materials

Presentation Video

Fiscal Report(3.53 MB)

Property data book

22th Fiscal Period

Kessan Tanshin Summary

Presentation Materials(14.1MB)


Presentation Video

Fiscal Report(3.07 MB)

Resi-Yume Vol.10 (Only in Japanese)(2.76 MB)

Property data book

21th Fiscal Period

Kessan Tanshin Summary

Presentation Materials(13.2MB)


Presentation Video

Fiscal Report(Revised)(3.88 MB)

Resi-Yume Vol.9 (Only in Japanese)(1.24 MB)

Property data book(835.81 KB)

20th Fiscal Period

Kessan Tanshin Summary

Presentation Materials(18.1 MB)


Presentation Video

Fiscal Report(4.22 MB)

Resi-Yume Vol.8 (Only in Japanese)(2.27 MB)

Property data book(831.65 KB)

19th Fiscal Period

Kessan Tanshin Summary(105.06 KB)

Presentation Materials(17.46 MB)

Presentation Video

Fiscal Report(1.79 MB)

Resi-Yume Vol.7 (Only in Japanese)(10.51 MB)

Property data book(838.2 KB)

18th Fiscal Period

Kessan Tanshin Summary(306.03 KB)

Presentation Materials(18.61 MB)

Q&A(198.09 KB)

Presentation Video

Fiscal Report(3.18 MB)

Resi-Yume Vol.6 (Only in Japanese)(2.57 MB)

Property data book(834.19 KB)

17th Fiscal Period

Kessan Tanshin Summary(145.9 KB)

Presentation Materials(7.2 MB)

Q&A(127.42 KB)

Presentation Video

Fiscal Reports(2.23 MB)

Resi-Yume Vol.5 (Only in Japanese)(3.04 MB)

16th Fiscal Period

Kessan Tanshin Summary(183.58 KB)

Presentation Materials(6.06 MB)

Q&A(199.46 KB)

Presentation Video

Fiscal Reports(1.72 MB)

Reji-Yume Vol.4 (Only in Japanese)(6.31 MB)

15th Fiscal Period

Kessan Tanshin Summary(168.05 KB)

Presentation Materials(6.91 MB)

Q&A(142.67 KB)

Presentation Video

Fiscal Reports(2.16 MB)

Reji-Yume Vol.3 (Only in Japanese)(6.08 MB)

14th Fiscal Period

Kessan Tanshin Summary(167.63 KB)

Presentation Materials(7.6 MB)

Q&A(161.95 KB)

Presentation Video

Fiscal Report(4.31 MB)

Reji-Yume Vol.2 (Only in Japanese)(2.86 MB)

13th Fiscal Period

Kessan Tanshin Summary(182.67 KB)

Presentation Materials(8.86 MB)

Q&A(194.21 KB)

Presentation Video

Fiscal Report(4.37 MB)

Reji-Yume Vol.1 (Only in Japanese)(4.62 MB)

12th Fiscal Period

Kessan Tanshin Summary(157.69 KB)

Presentation Materials(7.9 MB)

Supplementary Materials(344.91 KB)

Presentation Video

Fiscal Report(4.45 MB)

11th Fiscal Period

Kessan Tanshin Summary(105.67 KB)

Presentation Materials(Revised)(10.36 MB)

Fiscal Period Presentation Video

Fiscal Report(6.84 MB)

10th Fiscal Period

Kessan Tanshin Summary(104.99 KB)

Presentation Materials(Revised)(11.94 MB)

Q&A(73.43 KB)

Fiscal Period Presentation Video

Fiscal Report(Revised)(7.94 MB)

Fiscal Report Errata(224.79 KB)

Property data book(17.25 MB)

9th Fiscal Period

Kessan Tanshin Summary(62.11 KB)

Presentation Materials(8.92 MB)

Q&A(117.91 KB)

Fiscal Period Presentation Video

Fiscal Report(7.25 MB)

Property data book(14.63 MB)

8th Fiscal Period

Kessan Tanshin Summary(58.57 KB)

Presentation Materials(13.05 MB)

Q&A(84.82 KB)

Fiscal Period Presentation Video

Fiscal Report(8.73 MB)

Property data book(15.58 MB)

7th Fiscal Period

Kessan Tanshin Summary(74.74 KB)

Presentation Materials(6.91 MB)

Fiscal Period Presentation Video

Fiscal Report(6.6 MB)

Property data book(9.38 MB)

6th Fiscal Period

Kessan Tanshin Summary(100.63 KB)

Presentation Materials(7.74 MB)

Fiscal Period Presentation Video

Fiscal Report(3.97 MB)

Property data book(8.37 MB)

5th Fiscal Period

Kessan Tanshin Summary(87.51 KB)

Presentation Materials(6.86 MB)

Fiscal Period Presentation Video

Fiscal Report(4.57 MB)

Property data book(9.05 MB)

4th Fiscal Period

Kessan Tanshin Summary(337.2 KB)

Presentation Materials(6.57 MB)

Fiscal Report(4.63 MB)

Property data book(8.53 MB)

3rd Fiscal Period

Kessan Tanshin Summary(85.7 KB)

Presentation Materials(6.63 MB)

Fiscal Report(4.75 MB)

Property data book(9.83 MB)

2nd Fiscal Period

Kessan Tanshin Summary(91.73 KB)

Presentation Materials(4.87 MB)

Property data book(4.03 MB)

1st Fiscal Period

SFDR Website Summary

Mar. 29, 2022 SFDR Website Summary

SFDR Principal Adverse Impact Statement

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